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travel photography

In 2006, I was walking to a university exam when it hit me:  my life was unfolding in a predictable and safe way. And yet I knew nothing of the world nor of humanity. In a stroke of courage or naivety, I sold everything I owned and bought a backpack and one-way ticket to the farthest place I could afford. I set out to see the world as it truly is, not merely accepting what I'd been told. For 8 years, I traveled; not just to move or to take pictures but to be a humble student of humanity; to learn what connects us all.


The photos from my journeys represented a diverse cross section of life. As I traveled, I wanted a method to share them that was worthy of the grit and determination of those pictured. The result was Nomadsight: a temporary street art installment of world photography. Each photograph has a story and honors the loving people of the Earth.

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