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Global Eclipse Gathering, Oregon 2017

I was recently invited to The Global Eclipse Festival in Oregon, to document the build and use of The Fringe Theater by Minerva Co. and Skullisland Co.

I first met Marcus Guilard when applying to an art residency he and his company, One Hat One Hand created in San Francisco.

We bonded over shared vision of art and community. Marcus is a builder with large and small structures in the Bay and beyond standing testament to his creative vision, but more than that he is a builder of community.

“Really, I just want to bring my friends together to make art,” answered Marcus when I asked him about his motives.

I have traveled the world for years looking for what it is that unites us all. A desire to create and share are part of a human make up shared the world over. I have seen many people held back by real and imagined obstacles. When someone so fearlessly and boldly pursues their vision its magnetic, we are drawn to such sources of expression, a light, a guide for us to create and share.

I feel honored to have my talents recognized and supported by such a visionary, I too hope to add to this great pool creativity.

From Left to Right: Garrett Daniels, Jacob Mooney, Marcus Guillard, Walker Babington.

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