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My Birthday

Hello Family and friends,

Today is my birthday, and i am good.

I don’t get to see most of you and most of us haven’t spoken in perhaps years even. You are all over this planet and through the invisible thread i am connected to you now.

I’m 6 today, on this day, I flew one way into Turin Italy, and though many said, “you can’t just go like that you can’t go expect to survive with nothing like that”.

I have – through you.

Through Lionel Bayard who I met my first night in the hostel in Turin and who invited me to his families farm in Gap France, and then to Grenoble to the student house with Guate and his roommates, To Geneva with Gail and Mac, Down to Valencia for a month with Fernando and Alejandra and Jose.

Out to the Balearic islands to be alone on the beach walking with the waves and the sand, to met Maria, and Alba. On a road trip with Fernando and Jesus and Maki to Portugal and to Grananda and Salamanca.

To Ireland where i was on the street, until you took me into your circle, as the Care Taker of Newgrange lodge, where I met my Irish mom, Patricia and your family, who put me on there car insurance and gave me there car “little mogy” to go explore there country. David Harries who on my first day of work, May 20, my earth Birthday, gave me 20 euros and said go back to Dublin to celebrate with your friends. Erin Langly, my playmate in the halls of the Lodge. The kinsalas. Trevor Purdy who robbed the Lodge, making it so i would have a paid trip back to see you all again.

Having saved up money I flew with Patricia and Erin and Marie to Tunisia, walked alone into the Sahara desert for 5 days with just food and water to come back to a village full of acceptance, Imed Dubyer who saw me alone out there and his friends and family. To Yvette and Rita, who picked me up on a desert highway, sick throwing up, they took me in and since then we have reconnected in San Francisco and again in there home town in Belgium years latter.

To Mohamed and the stories we made together in Tunis after his roomate stole my phone and we tracked him down. To Rabeb who gave me companionship when i was alone. Through Rachel and her friends in Tunis. Through Andrea in eriche Sicily and the olive farm. Through Andrea in Rome and his moped that speed us through the streets there.

Through My Aunt Marilyn and Susan in Albaqurque New Mexico. Through Justin and Alex and our trip through central America. Through Febe and her family in Guatemala, through guate’s family there.

Through Bob and Gay in utila. Through Sara and her animal shelter in Guatemala.

Through my grandfather and Betsy and the history and relationship that we made in Oxnard. Through Ray back on Maui, and sierra and Dj, and Rachel and Yugi, ena! Through Phil Owen and his family on Oahu who hired me to help him rebuild is house in Wimea Bay, and took me out to surf everyday.

Through Robin and Eli Dexter and the Fishing Vessel The Deborah Anne In Prince William Sound Alaska, the work and the experience of that is something is always with me.

Through Ted and Sarah and the Green Tortoise hostel in San Francisco who brought that city to life for me. Trough Roxanne and Her family in England and our Road trip there. Through Cam and Jasper and Roxanne and our Trip around California. Through Forest Borrie and the Ninja Layer in San Diego.

Through Sue in Amsterdam and her art work. Through Vee in Bangkok and Phiman River House. Through Miss Bing on the Train to Laos, who instead took me to her home and the rubber tree plantation. Introduced me to her Daughter in Bangkok, her son in Krabi thousands of kilomters away took me in as her son.

Through Monk Ouy in Tad Lo and his family who showed me what compassion and love is in the face of a true challenges. Having no source of clean water. Through Bombing in Vian Chang who showed me that place, her home through her eyes. Through Duon and his Family on Ko Phi Phi and the bar we built together.

Through Dave and Patrick in Bangkok, my friends still. Through Anne and Joe my godparents and Bambi and the experience of cutting Christmas trees near mount Shasta California.

Through Quito and Ginna and the Cruising Club in Suasolito. Through Valarie and Scott and the Garage Theater, The Boxcar theater, Kirsten and Through Martina and Laura, Athena, Kyle, Ria, Nina, Marlena, Anick, Eugidio, and Faryn, Settemio and Seth.

Through my twin brother and his wife and their wedding in France. Through Javi in Bilbao and Andion and her Family, and Jose and Ilia, through Rafa in Granada. Our trip around spain. Abraham in Barcelona, and now here in Tacheles in Berlin, Myriam and Uli.

Through my friends and family who have watched me go but have written and sent me their love and support.

And finally through my Parents, who have loved me as I am.

I know most of this comes of as erratic and or illegible. but i wanted to send something out there into the ethereal to tell you all how appreciative I am for making this, my life, possible as it is.

Love, Allen

3rd of February 2012

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