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"Life is with people." We show up when we are called to, for our friends, family, and community. We show up for the human need to belong. We are hard-wired to celebrate together and grieve together. Together is the stage upon which we express our human voice and the safe harbor in the storm of life.


Role of Storytelling

The work you do is essential. Your story not only deserves an audience but your work needs to be seen. Stories are how we communicate with our community, it serves as a dialogue and helps us refine the direction of progress and securing the necessary resources to do so.

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Art invigorates and enlivens our public spaces.


Mission video: "Our Virtues" 


Mission: Create a rapidly deployable mobile

Covid testing kiosk. Go!


Student Showcase: "Faces"


opportunity in disaster

Disasters take many forms. The commonality is that the world we knew is over; the pillars of consistency are gone. Disasters have a way of distilling the essence of what it means to be human and showing us what is most important. Our values are brought to surface. From this recognition of our essential values we have the incredible opportunity to build from our values a community that works for all life. 

Role of Storytelling

For those who have experienced disaster, storytelling helps make sense of what was lost, what was experienced, and what could be. For those outside of the disaster, art tugs at the heart. It’s through story and image that emotion can be conveyed; the burden shared, action be inspired.

Learn more about my post-disaster community work.

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ART creates the future
we wish to inhabit

This film is set 50 years in the future and reflects on the rebuilding process in Paradise. It is comprised of 12 original paintings documented from start to finish with stop-motion. Stroke by stroke the artist creates each painting, mirroring the process of a community manifesting a vision. With each step the vision becomes clearer. The film is a blueprint for communities around the world who are facing disastrous conditions and seek to create a better world.


Street Exhibitions

As I traveled, I wanted a method to share my photographs that was worthy of the grit and determination of those pictured. The result was Nomadsight: a temporary street art installment of world photography. In alleyways, art collectives, and town plazas, photographs and short stories from my travels were exhibited, humbly on string and clothespins. Friends, acquaintances, and passerbys stopped to engage with images they saw. What grew out of these exhibitions were deep dialogues, meaningful connections, and sometimes a polite but firm police request to remove them (such as on the wall outside the Guggenheim).

The World Shared

The Saharan vastness on a Venetian alley. A Roman streetscape in a rural Colombia plaza. A Guatemalan elder on the wall of a 19th century stone home in Germany. As an exploration in cross-pollination and cultural weaving, photographic images were scaled up and printed to be wheat-pasted in public spaces. An added element to the story was the adventure of the production: seeking out a local printing shop, building relationships with residents and business owners to obtain permission to paste on their walls, and concocting the flour and water blend in hostel kitchens.

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