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The reality is, there is no separation between us and the planet we depend on. We are not an alien species looking out upon a foreign planet, but of  the planet in deep historical relationship.


Organizations are making important progress in addressing climate disruptions. These stories are important to tell because they allow for seeds of hope to grow. These stories are gratifying for me to create.

documenting progress

The work you do is essential. Your story not only deserves an audience but your work needs to be seen. Stories are how we communicate with our community, it serves as a dialogue and helps us refine the direction of progress and securing the necessary resources to do so.

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Project Video


Project video

People & land

Our original relationship

From our very beginnings, humans have been in a dance with the land we inhabit. Originally- and still in some communities today- this was a relationship of reciprocity. I have been studying and documenting how people relate to and inhabit the land.

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This is a short poetic film that follows the mountain men of Bambi's Christmas tree's as they sustainably harvest the prized silver tip Christmas tree near Mt. Shasta in northern California. This short film weaves in greater themes of life and death. 

Disruption & Resilience

It's already here

The climate crisis is already here. We have lost our homes, towns and even family and friends. Displacement, food and water insecurity, and inhospitable living conditions are just some of the realities facing the global population.

Art and storytelling can play an important role in eliciting emotions, shifting perceptions, and igniting change.


Art t0 celebrate Art

November 8th, 2021 was the 3rd anniversary of the deadly 2018 Camp Fire. Members of the Paradise community gathered to send a message to world leaders at COP26, written with ash from their burned homes. "WE ARE ON FIRE. DO SOMETHING!" 

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