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A change of course

In 2006, I was walking to a university exam when it hit me:  my life was unfolding in a predictable and safe way. And yet I knew nothing of the world nor of humanity. In a stroke of courage or naivety, I sold everything I owned and bought a backpack and one-way ticket to the farthest place I could afford. I set out to see the world as it truly is, not merely accepting what I'd been told. For 8 years, I traveled; not just to move or to take pictures but to be a humble student of humanity; to learn what connects us all.

Through the Lens

The photos from my journeys represented a diverse cross section of life. As I traveled, I wanted a method to share them that was worthy of the grit and determination of those pictured. The result was Nomadsight: a temporary street art installment of world photography. Each photograph has a story and honors the loving people of the Earth.



World photography exhibit set up on the shell building in Salamanca, Spain, August 2011.


Photography exhibition and experiences in Barcelona from December  2011 to January 2012. Music by Barcelona artist Manel.


A portrait of a town and its people. March 2012


Photography exhibition at a music festival in the mountains of California. Fall 2013


Photography exhibition and sights of Bilbao. Fall 2011


Photography exhibition and portrait of a city. February 2012


A short poetic piece featuring characters and places of Weimar Germany. April 2012


Street Exhibitions

As I traveled, I wanted a method to share my photographs that was worthy of the grit and determination of those pictured. The result was Nomadsight: a temporary street art installment of world photography. In alleyways, art collectives, and town plazas, photographs and short stories from my travels were exhibited, humbly on string and clothespins. Friends, acquaintances, and passerbys stopped to engage with images they saw. What grew out of these exhibitions were deep dialogues, meaningful connections, and sometimes a polite but firm police request to remove them (such as on the wall outside the Guggenheim).

The World Shared

The Saharan vastness on a Venetian alley. A Roman streetscape in a rural Colombia plaza. A Guatemalan elder on the wall of a 19th century stone home in Germany. As an exploration in cross-pollination and cultural weaving, photographic images were scaled up and printed to be wheat-pasted in public spaces. An added element to the story was the adventure of the production: seeking out a local printing shop, building relationships with residents and business owners to obtain permission to paste on their walls, and concocting the flour and water blend in hostel kitchens.


"Nomad Travellers"


A 2014 interview on life, travel, and perspective.

Read interview here.

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Lucie Awards

Carnegie Hall, New York

Nomadsight receives Honorable Mention for the Scholarship Program at the 2014 Lucie Awards at Carnegie Hall, New York.

Film Festival Screenings

“Col Di Rocca”

2014 San Francisco Pictoclick Film Festival 

2014 Devour Film Festival in Wolfville Nova Scotia


Te Cuento

Riohacha, Colombia

Nomadsight is featured as the cover story for a regional publication called Te Cuento from the boadrer town of Riohacha, Colombia. The article is titled: “Citizen of the World Street Artist".

Sierra Nevada Brewery

Funding Awarded

Nomadsight Receives Funding from Sierra Nevada Brewery, November 2012

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Filmmaker Interview

San Fransisco, USA

“Nomadsight Weimar” is Selected for screening at the, Pictoclik Film Festival 2013. 

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